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Diaphonized Rat Pup

$40.00 / Sold Out

Two single stained rat pups are now available.

Note: both are missing the tips of their tails.


This fascinating process was created to study and display the skeletal system of small animals without having to macerate and articulate the skeleton of such small animals.

The specimen is put through a series of stains and enzymes that allow the tissue to become semi-transparent while bones are enhanced.

Specimen is stored in glycerin with a few small anti-fungal crystals.

*You will receive a specimen similar to those in the photos. Each specimen is unique and may differ slightly, with slight imperfections. Please e-mail us if you need more photos of a specific specimen!

These are only available for shipping the U.S.

As with any wet specimen, the solution may change color over time. If this occurs, you can change the solution with glycerin found at most drugstores or online.

Please let us know if you have any questions.